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Billing Procedures


The below rates were approved by the Board of Directors during a Special Board Meeting held December 19, 2018 to become effective January 1, 2019.

All domestic meters are calculated in cubic feet. All quantities in excess of the minimum shall be charged at $1.16 per 100 cubic feet.

All domestic meters in Zone “0” are calculated in cubic feet. All quantities in excess of the minimum shall be charged at $1.31 per 100 cubic feet.

Meter SizeNominal Flow DiameterRated Gpm DesignMinimum Bimonthly ChargeMinimum Flow C.F.Minimum Installation Charges


                                                                RATE SCHEDULE

                        NOMINAL     RATED           MINIMUM        MINIMUM      MINIMUM

METER           FLOW             GPM               MONTHLY       FLOW             INSTALLATION

SIZE               DIAMETER   DESIGN         CHARGE          C.F.                  CHARGES


¾”                   0.442               30                    $28.63                   500                 $2,615.00


1”                    0.785               50                    $51.54                   900                 $2,615.00


1 ½”                1.767               90                    $114.50               2000                 $2,915.00


2”                    2.250               160                  $143.19               2500                 $2,915.00



Charges for installation of meters was passed by the Board of Directors at the June 27, 2012 meeting.

Charges for Fire Hydrant Participation fee is $1,125.00 per meter installation and was adopted at the June 27, 2012 Board meeting.

A service availability charge is added to all meter installations. The charge of $1,785.00 was adopted at the August 19, 1986 Board meeting.

Additional dwellings connected to a domestic service are billed a unit charge. The rate is one-half of the ¾” meter minimum monthly charge for each unit. ($14.32)

The Board of Directors reserves the right of approving any meter before installation larger than 2”.

Total cost for installation of a ¾” or 1” meter is $5,525.00 or actual cost, whichever is greater.
Total cost for installation of a 1 ½” or 2” meter is $5,825.00 or actual cost, whichever is greater.

All customers must come to the District office to sign the necessary paperwork to obtain water service. As a courtesy if the owner is unable to come to the District office the staff may allow the owner to fax an acceptable form of photo identification with signature along with the water service application and grant deed.

All bills are calculated on a monthly basis. The minimum monthly charge is due on all services if water is used or not. All other water in excess of their minimum is then charged at $1.10 per 100 cubic feet except for Zone “0” which is charged at $1.31 per 100 cubic feet.

All water charges being billed to the customer have already been used by the customer. Actual meter reads are used for billing purposes.

Your water bill is due when received. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure his/her water payment is received in the District office by the last day of the month in order to not receive additional charges of delinquency.

Sufficient billing addresses and receptacles are the responsibility of the customer. If water bills are returned to the District due to insufficient address or no mail receptacle it is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of his/her debts and to pay all water charges promptly.

Unless the applicant for water service specifies otherwise, all bills will be mailed to him at the same address to which the water service is furnished. Should the applicant not be the owner of the premises, the bill will be mailed to the address designated by the owner notwithstanding the applicant’s request.

The District, at its option and upon written request of the owner, (where the bill is designated to be sent to a tenant or agent at an address different than the owner’s address) may send to the owner a duplicate copy of any bills, which are delinquent for the premises.

Water bills may be addressed in the name of the property owner or other person in possession of the property served, or the applicant for water service. The addressee of the water bill shall be primarily responsible for payment thereof, but L.C.I.D. reserves the right to hold the property owner ultimately liable, (for the water service furnished to the premises subsequent to the data of purchase by the owner).

All water bills sent to a tenant, a lessee, or a person (contractee) buying property on term contract (option to buy), shall remain ultimately the owner’s responsibility. Should property under contract go into foreclosure, or should said contract be returned to the owner, such water bills shall ultimately remain the owner’s responsibility.

“Date of Purchase” shall be defined as being the date of recordation of the deed transferring title to a parcel of property from the prior owner to the new owner. Date of closure of escrow for transferring of title to a premises may be accepted by the District in lieu of the “Date of Purchase”. Changes in Name or reorganization of companies owning property shall not be considered as being a change in ownership.

Water Service Application

No charge will be made for the mere turning on the water supply upon the opening of a new account for any kind of service. An application form provided by the District must be signed by the applicant.

Whenever there is a change in customer status through change in ownership or tenancy of a premises, there shall be filed with the District, a Water Service Application signed by the owner and by the tenant where applicable.

The Water Service Application will be furnished by the District to the new customer, or the customer’s agent, or representative for the customer, if not the owner, to obtain the owner’s signature. Should the new customer not be the owner of the premises and the owner’s signature cannot be obtained prior to the new customer occupying the premises and requiring water service, the District will accept a Temporary Water Service Application signed by a person who is an authorized agent, or representative of the owner. The Temporary Water Service Application must be replaced by a Water Service Application signed by the owner within thirty (30) days following the commencement of service. Should there not be a Water Service Application on file with the District, water service to the premises may be subject to discontinuance at the option of the District.

Such application shall contain the following:

  1. Applicants shall agree to accept the services applied for subject to the Rules and Regulations of the District and to pay therefore at regular rates. Should the applicant subsequently cancel one or more items of services such cancellation shall not change or effect the terms of his application in respect to the remaining item or items of services.
  2. Applicant shall also agree to give at least one (1) working day (twenty-four hours) notice to the District before service is to be discontinued. The provisions of the application, obligates the applicant to accept and pay for service, shall remain in force until said notice is given and the customer is obligated to pay all bills in full to date of receipt of said notice by the District.
  3. Applicant shall further agree to assume all liability for any damage occurring on the premises served, or elsewhere, by reason of open faucets, faulty fixtures, or broken pipes on such premises at or after the time when service is turned on, whether or not at the time of turn on there was a responsible person on the premises.

The above described application shall be know as a Water Service Application.

Service may be denied a new applicant if he fails or refuses to provide necessary billing information such as the name of the previous owner, realtor, or broker handling the transaction, or some responsible party who has managed or will manage the property.

Should the owner of the premises redesignate by Water Service Application at any time that the water bill is to be delivered to any other address, the District will endeavor to do so as of the next bill.

The Water Service Application when filed with the district is to be accompanied by a document verifying proof of ownership of the premises by the owner who signed the Application. Should such document not be readily available, the District will accept temporarily, in lieu, a letter from a bank or escrow service company stating the name of the owner and the date ownership began. The property ownership document must then be filed with the District within sixth (60) days, or the water service will be subject to discontinuance thereafter without further restoration charge given in that Rule.

Should the District not receive the Water Service Application and the ownership verification document within the time period allowed, the District may initiate service termination proceedings including requiring payment of the lock/off charge.

Delinquent Charges

L.C.I.D. in accordance with Public Utilities Code, will assess a 10% service charge on the outstanding balance on all water bills that remain unpaid as of the first day of the following month.  This second notice is mailed to the customer.  Upon presentation of the delinquent bill the customer has an additional 14 calendar days after the date of delinquent bill, to render payment.

In accordance with Assembly Bill 1774 and SB998, all customers are mailed a 10 day notice prior to being shut off for non-payment of their water charges.  This third notice is mailed 14 days after the delinquent notice.  This third notice states that the customer has only 10 days to pay all water charges or his/her water service will be discontinued and additional penalties will be applied. Customers receiving a “Shut Off Notice” will be charged a $10.00 service charge.

Any notice that is returned by the Post Office will receive a door tag hung by an employee of the District.  If a door tag is hung due to returned mail, a $25.00 service charge will be assessed.  Please note that it is the customers responsibility to have a sufficient billing address on file.

Shutting Off Water Service

When a water charge finally goes to “shut-off”, an employee is sent to each address with a lock and the water meter is physically locked off.  The District employee does not carry cash or change and cannot make change for water payments in the field.

Any water services that are locked off for non-payment shall conform to the following before service is restored. Full payment of the delinquent bill plus the restoration charge must be received before service will be restored.  If the required payment is received before 5:00 p.m. on a weekday the restoration charge is $35.00.  If payment is received after 5:00 p.m. on a business day,  the restoration charge is an additional $75.00.  The service charge for after-hours restoration is $75.00 minimum.

The lock off charge applies whether the District workman physically locked off the water service or not.  It is unpleasant to have your water service discontinued for non-payment.

Any account that is shut off, will be subject to require a deposit to reinstate service.

If the District lock is found cut or damaged in any manner, an additional $25.00 charge is applied to the customer for damage to L.C.I.D. property.

If the District Angle Meter Valve is found cut or damaged, an additional $100.00 replacement charge will be applied to the customer’s bill.

After being locked-off, if the service is found turned on without the bill being paid, the meter will be pulled immediately and an additional $100.00 charge is applied to the customer’s bill.

If a jumper is used after the meter has been taken out of service, an additional $615.00 is applied to the water charges. All charges must be paid before the meter can be reinstalled.

Nonsufficient Funds

Any customer, who has written two (2) N.S.F. checks to the District in a twelve (12) month period, may be required to make future payments in cash.

For any check returned due to nonsufficient funds a fee will be charged against the party. This charge is $25.00 plus the amount of the check. A notification is then sent to the party notifying him/her of the returned check. The party must then pay cash for the returned check and check charge or the water service will remain locked off until all charges are paid in full.

Lien For Non-Payment Of Water Bills

When a customer is sixty (60) days delinquent in the payment of a water bill, the General Manager may, pursuant to Water Code Section 25806 (a) (2), file for recording in the office of the County Recorder, a certificate specifying the amount of the charges past due, which shall constitute a lien upon the real property.

A customer is delinquent if the bill is not paid by close of business on the date it is first due.

If after one (1) year the delinquent amount has not been paid, it shall be added to the annual assessment to be collected with the property taxes, pursuant to Water Code Section 25806 (a) (1).

L.C.I.D. Disclaimer

L.C.I.D. will not be held responsible for pressure surges. It is the homeowner/renter/lessee responsibility to install a pressure-reducing device for his/her own protection. The pressure regulator should be installed between the meter and the house.

L.C.I.D. is not responsible for any lines from the customer’s side of the meter. Fieldwork operators will do normal and customary repairs inside the meter box and from the meter to the street. Everything from the meter box to the property is the responsibility of the property owner/renter/lessee.